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It took me 30 minutes to get across Morrison Bridge, down Front/Natio, and to the I-5 onramp. This is something that usually takes a little over 5 minutes. Upon reaching the onramp, it is barricaded by two police cars and a lot of orange cones–apparently, the onramp is flooded and the NPR station’s local news failed to mention this fact. I then spent another 10-20 minutes navigating downtown, trying to find another onramp. Fortunately, our Tuesday morning meeting was rescheduled because similar things happened to many others.

One of our desktop software people is quitting in a week or two. If anyone in the greater Portland area has experience with C++ and QT on multiple environments (Windows, Linux, Solaris) and wants to know more or has a resume they would like to pass my way, then drop me a line (brian at netninja com.) We are also still looking for a mid-level firmware person with experience with realtime embedded Linux (currently ARM, soon to be PPC), drivers, userland services, etc.

Oh, and I figure it had a soft-launch and has been running for a week, so I should probably officially mention my contest.

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