Port Fapping

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At work, I am doing the design for a feature called “Port Flapping.” This, basically, simulates a certain type of defect in fiber optic cables in which a connection breaks many times a second and may not have time to re-negotiate before it breaks again. Blah, blah, blah, boring stuff with lasers, transceivers, bandwidth, handshaking, and bitrates.

In meetings, it takes all my effort to NOT say “Port Fapping.”

xtreme_pr0k maybe they’ll think it’s some hip new lingo from the O.C…
BrianEnigma Port Fapping is most effective when your fiber optic cable is transmitting porn between systems.
xtreme_pr0k sometimes, if the rate is too high you can overfapp the system and then it will require a defapp
xtreme_pr0k “We’ve got a defapp over here, better call in the fapp girl”
BrianEnigma Fapp-mopper
xtreme_pr0k you gotta work your way up, everyone starts at fapp mopper

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