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Yesterday, after finishing lunch at Wild Oats, I strolled down the candy and power-bar aisle. My main motivation was to find something to keep in the drawer and snack on later, but I was also secretly hoping to find Apollo Bars (yeay for product placement!) Instead, I found something called HoneyStix. HoneyStix are like Pixy Stix, only instead of being filled with flavored sugar powder, they are filled with naturally flavored honey: orange, lemon, lime, pink lemonade, mango, peach, cherry, grape, apple, raspberry, cinnamon, and mint. The same company makes a product called AgaveStix, which is agave syrup instead of honey (presumably more hardcore-vegan friendly.) I ate one straw of the stuff yesterday and could almost feel my heart wanting to explode from the sugar rush. They are really good but really insanely rich.

Ebenezer has this little game he likes to play with Kim and I. After a shower, with your towel wrapped around your body, if you bend over a little bit, he will jump up on your back and either flop over and lie down or will look up for even higher places he can jump to (like the towel rack or top of the door frame.) He actually does that not just in the bathroom, but almost any time he can. This morning, I hopped out of the shower holding a little hairball that had been clogging the drain. I leaned over to throw it in the trash and he hopped up on my back. He quickly discovered it was still wet and slippery and in the process of sliding off managed to tear things up pretty well. Now that I am at work, I have discovered that bits of my shirt have dried to my back. Fun. Fortunately, it is a dark colored shirt and fairly thick.

I came within pages of finishing How Would You Move Mount Fiji last night. It was a lot different than I expected. The book was pretty heavy on the Microsoft worship and light on the logic puzzles. It also proves itself as being a little dated. If the same book were written today, it would likely focus instead on Google and their puzzle-based recruitment and contests. The sort of funny thing is that the puzzles read like an annotated solution guide to a few of the puzzle cards for Perplex City. C’est la vie.

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