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Life Tip of the Day
When at the coed afterparty for a girls-only party and when playing Apples To Apples and when the “Smelly” green card is in play, it is ill-advised to play the “Feminists” card sitting in your hand, even if absolutely no other card in your hand is playable.

OS X Tip of the Day
Sometimes the Macromedia Flash browser plugin just refuses to produce any sound. You can exit your browser or even switch to a different browser and it still will not help. The solution? Launch and exit Garage Band, of course!!?!!?! Sometimes something incorrectly tweaks something in your system–maybe it's a file/device permission, maybe it is a driver, nobody seems to know–and launching Garage Band magically fixes everything. I have seen this happen with the free audio editing program, Audacity, but it has occurred even when I have not touched that app.

Drinkering Tip of the Day
A watermelon full of vodka is a dangerous thing — especially if you throw a splash of Limeaide into each glass of watermelony-goodness. I had never made one before, but it turned out surprisingly well.

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