Do not confuse “toga party” and “yoga party”

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[insert typical comment that I don't write in here enough and so much has happened in the past week or two]

Last Night
Last night was my first yoga class in about 3-4 years. It kicked my ass, but only slightly. I would like to think that this is because I am in better shape than I thought–for instance, in the past 2-3 months, only once have I driven to lunch; I typically walk anywhere between a quarter mile to a mile and a half. In reality, I think that is only a minor part and that it was mostly due to the fact that it was a low-impact, beginner yoga class. It was not a crazy high-impact-Bikram-personally-appears-and-slaps-you-around-a-bit-before-kicking-your-ass-to-a-bloody-pulp class. I think I will start doing the weekly thing, but as much as Kim is trying to push me to twice a week, I am not sure I can maintain that level of yoganess at this time.

Earlier In The Week
I have grown up around cats all of my life. Mostly, they have been indoor cats. My only experiences with cats and mice are from Tom And Jerry cartoons. So earlier in the week, we were at Kim's. We keep the front and back doors open in the evening to help with the heat. Charlotte freely wanders in and out. I was either on the computer or on the phone and noticed, out of the corner of my eye, Charlotte madly bouncing around the house. I had seen it before in both him and my cats–typically a fly or moth has become a plaything. I had to do a double-take when I realized the size of the thing it was chasing (“That's no moon”) and the fact that it had a tail. It looks like he picked up a mouse out by the compost pile, then brought it inside to chase around. We shoo'ed the mouse outside–the cat followed–and then closed the doors. He played with it for a while longer outside, until it stopped being “a self-powered toy.” He sat with it in his mouth, on the back porch, looking completely dejected every time we peeked out at him, so we finally opened the door. He paraded around the house with his new toy, and we couldn't help but give him praise and attention–after all, he felt good enough to share it with us. He then flopped down and, seriously, proceeded to play with it like he (or any cat, really) plays with a catnip mouse. After that, Kim picked it up by the tail and took it outside. He was a very happy cat for the rest of the evening.

I will never look at a toy mouse the same way again.

We had a little bit of a Perplex City card meetup. I now realize that I have not really explained the whole Perplex City mystery/prize/cards thing in the journal before, so I will have to devote an entry to that soon. For those that got the Dodgeball alert and randomly showed up, start looking through the official website. It is really quite cool and is part mystery (with the promise of a lot of money at the end), part puzzles, part story-told-through-nontraditional-means, and part collectible card set (think “Garbage Pail Kids,” only more cerebral.) Go out, buy some cards, and solve some puzzles and mysteries!

Anyway, it was really cool to meet up with SpaceBass again. We swapped cards (or, rather, I gave him a card or two he was missing.) We talked about all sorts of stuff. You guys with your ARGfest and your swag! Damn! T-shirts! Business cards and cases! Custom printed M&M's! Puzzle trails that lead to dinner! That's some pretty cool stuff. I am (actually: we are) really sorry we couldn't make it this year. Next year, we'll be there! Oh, and Fi: thank you for the Toy Tokyo ninja dude! I have yet to assemble it, but he will be protecting my desk from evildoers by the end of the week!

I am sure there is other stuff that I forgot to post about…

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