Let’s leave stewardship of our bodies to the gub’ment. We trust the gub’ment to properly manage it,

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On the way to work, I drove past a large box-van with advertising on the back and sides. This advertising particularly caught my eye. I am not entirely sure why, maybe it was the busted, bloody 5 meter tall fetus cupped in a pair of enormous hands. Maybe it was the word “Choice” (in quotes) in 1000 point font. Maybe it was the fact that every car on the freeway was keeping a wide berth (no pun intended) of this van.

Tonight, I think I am going to rent a van and put gigantic photographs of brutal and violent homicide crime-scenes on the sides. Something tells me that while the former is allowed to drive the streets, the latter will get pulled over instantly. “That's indecent!”

In liberalland, I mean Portland, it's a wonder its tires were not slashed. Or maybe that is what the van was carrying as cargo–just a bunch of extra tires for just such incidents.

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