Congrats to the bride and groom

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Last night was a Portland pub crawl that was thinly disguised as a celebration of Jeremy's wedding in Vegas. I know the Vegas reception was supposed to start at 6, but ours was more like 7:30 once we were clear of work schedules, bus schedules, and the like. Once we were together (BC, Liam, Jack, and I), I tried calling you Vegas-peoples, but my service was really wonky at the time. I think Connolly sent an IM or two, but I don't know whether that was followed up on. Everyone was with us in spirit throughout the evening–there was much talk of past, present, and future, of Vegas, of Orange County, and of people.

We started at Nicolas and had various mezza platters. The lack of alcohol quickly became an issue, so we went over to Speakeasy. Much shuffleboard was played, although it got rather silly toward the end. The scooter crowd was there. I know, through Kim, that Bill is part of that group, but I did not see him upon arrival and then forgot about it. Toward the end of our time there, Eric pointed him out, but then he disappeared before anyone knew it. Next up was a walk around town. First was The Viper Room(?), which looked closed because there were no tiki torches outside. Peeking in the door, there was a lot of disco music and one old guy sitting at the bar. Next! The dive bar up the street from there was also a bit scary. We finally settled on The Basement (where else?!) where we ran into Liam's girlfriend and her friend.

Congratulations, Jeremy and Vicka!

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