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I find that Saxon Shire cheese is quite the tasty treat. It is sort of like the 7-layer-dip of cheeses. Much like Huntsman mixes blue and yellow cheeses, Saxon Shire mixes five different layers of cheese–three white and two yellow. Each layer actually is a different kind of cheese, all from neighboring realms in England. I am at a loss as to how to eat this cheese. Do I lop off a big piece will all of the flavors together, or do I slice it into a bunch of smaller pieces and savor the individual flavors?

In the past few weeks, I keep on getting replacement words stuck in my head for a Beastie Boys song.

  • No mail on nu-nu-NUHH-NAAA Sunday!
  • No work on nu-nu-NUHH-NAAA Monday!
  • No sex 'till nu-nu-NUHH-NAAA marriage!
  • No shirt, no nu-nu-NUHH-NAAA service!
  • No cats on the nu-nu-NUHH-NAAA counter!

Pet peeve phraseology starting with P:

  • preggers
  • 'puter
  • prolly
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