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Yesterday, at the coffee shop I was in, I was the only one without a laptop, although the phone and fold-out keyboard were close. Also, someone ordered a “Carmel Sutra.”

In California, I did not have to worry about cats dropping their toys into the furnace.

Kim and I were supposed to go to a lecture at the museum today, but we took a nap and slept right through the day.

“Thomas Edison's Attic” is a very nifty podcast of a show on public radio in New Jersey. A curator of the museum digs up old recordings (1888-19something) and plays them. Most of the recordings are unreleased test tracks as they tuned the record recorder/player design to better accomodate music or they auditioned people to find ones whose voices and music best fit the grainy recording medium. Overall, quite good, but an hour every two weeks almost seems too infrequent.

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