Two Dreams…

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Two dreams from last night…

Kim and I were at a mall. It was your typical two-story affair with one exception. There was a store we needed to get to on the second floor–The Apple Store, as I recall–that was inaccessible. There was no way to get to it, as the walkway in various places on the second story just sort of was not there. We got to one of the ledges that got us pretty close to the store. There was some pondering of how to get over to the entrance. The archway over the front door of Sephora, on the first level, might make a good ledge to hop to. Further down was a cart selling cellphones that could be jumped on. Alternately, if we went down to the first floor and approached from the other direction, there was an elevator up to the second floor, but there was no walkway immediately outside the elevator–so if we took it from ground to second, we would have to immediately find some ledge to jump to.

While I sat and pondered this a bit more, Kim ran off to find the telegraph office (?!) elsewhere in the mall, which would hopefully dispense the necessary information. After looking at the problem a bit more, I discovered that there really WAS a walkway there, you just could not see it. I got the impression that it was somehow like the steel grating on any of the bridges around here–you could stand on it and look down at the water below, but it is sturdy, solid, and can hold the weight of many vehicles. Maybe this was made of plexiglass?

While I waited for Kim to return, something else happened, but I am a bit fuzzy on what it was. It had something to do with helping someone (a mentally challenged kid?) in a wheelchair across a different section of the “invisible” walkway–like over to the elevator, perhaps? Like I said, this part was a bit fuzzy.

The second dream was also with Kim. We were at a party with a number of people around. We ran into an old friend of Kim’s who had been gone for a long time. She was somewhat new-age-y and very much into homeopathic medicine. Kim was worried about her health and stress levels, so the friend decided to help out. She extended an arm and took Kim’s pulse on her neck. She then turned around to two oblivious teenyboppers chatting away nearby. One had black hair, in a bob cut, and was chattering away at a million miles an hour. Kim’s friend reached out and took the pulse of the teenybopper, on her neck–who was paid no attention. We all sort of looked at each other uncomfortably–if a stranger touched any of our necks in the middle of a conversation, we would surely notice.

The lady said there was nothing to worry about. She said that the chattering teenybopper had a crazy heart rate to match her energy level and that Kim’s was quite good and, although not as fast, was quite strong. The teenybopper’s heart was like that of a hummingbird and would explode early in life.

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