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So here I am, relaxing with a delicious sandwich in a nice little deli. I had nearly forgotten this place exists. In coming here, I had to pass by my old apartment, which felt a little weird. There were lots of people moving into and out of the complex. It looked like someone was even moving into my old place. I wonder if it had been empty that long or if someone broke their lease early.

San Francisco was fun but the conference was boring. Kim and I got to meet Imbri. It was odd to finally meet one of the creators of the Matrix-like interactive story. The funny thing is that one of the others who worked on it lives right here in Portland and I have not yet met him! Anyway, while the trip was fun, we did not have nearly enough time. It would have been nice to get down to the waterfront, as Kim has never been.

It is time to get back to work now. Is anything interesting happening tonight?

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