Good thing I parked in the garage

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I just got a call from feedle telling me that Mt. St. Helens just exploded. It is a good thing that the windows are closed and the car is parked in the garage.

As soon as I get the pictures uploaded, you will see the view out the hotel window. While this is a fancy “boutique” hotel with fine furnishings, the view out the window is somebody else's window and air conditioner. There currently is a pidgeon residing on the other air conditioner that has not moved all day. We think it is either nesting or sick.

The convention itself is a bit of a snooze fest. I have to investigate a few of the booths in finer detail tomorrow. I had forgotten how male-heavy the computer, software, and electronics fields are, but Kim was quick to point out the disparity in people at the Game Developer Conference and the Embedded Systems Conference.

The fold-up Bluetooth keyboard for the Treo is quite spectacular.

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