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Ich bin ein jellyfish. My massage was this morning. That was 90 minutes well spent. It is sort of like getting a workout, without doing any of the work. My body is sore, but happy.

Yesterday, I got the new computer hooked up to the television, bringing me back to the grand old times of 1982–hunched over the keyboard on the living room floor, waiting for a game to load from the tape drive. Of course, this new computer is 300 million times faster and can copy a digital movie over the aether in the same time it took to load a simple game from the tape drive. The Mac Mini is much more powerful and cute than the Cobalt Qube. Some time this weekend I hope to put together an article describing how this particular one is set up as a media center–watching videos, synchronizing music and pictures to another machine, etc. Now, I just need to figure out the best way to set up the PowerMate knob.

I have been playing around with the new iLife today–or, at least, the iPhoto component. GarageBand did not get installed because it eats up too much space, iTunes was already installed, and I have yet to try iMovie or iDVD (I already use Final Cut HD and DVD Studio Pro, which are much more powerful.) The new iPhoto kicks some major butt. The nested albums were a much needed feature. The new book formats are also rather nifty. I actually created and ordered different kinds of photo books today: two copies of a large one with “parent-friendly” photos of Portland, cats, and friends and a three pack of small picture books containing photos of all us freaks doing freaky things.

Time for a relaxing bath and some food.

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