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Here is a question for the …what?…2?…3?… people on my friends list who work at various Apple stores. Is iWork supposed to be in the stores on Friday or Saturday? I would much rather go a little out of my way on the way home from work on Friday to grab a copy than trying to brave the throngs of people drooling over Mac Minis on Saturday after having had my spine turned to mush from a 90 minute massage (my first ev-ar). iLife is bundled with the Mini (which seems to be taking longer to get from Indiana to Oregon than it took to get from Shenzhen, over Alaska, to Indiana), but I did not preorder iWork because that was in the BP era (Before Paycheck). Now that it is AC (After Cash), I want to score some iWork smack, but would rather not have to stand in line in front of the dealer to get my fix. …especially not after the activities of Saturday morning.

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