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1. That electronic billboard on the Morrison Bridge, since before Christmas, has had a strange ad in its rotation. It starts out with some text that I can never quite catch, but with the name “Skippy” in it (like “Hey, Skippy, somethingsomethingsomething,”) then some panning shots of three girls that look like they are in a band (one is holding either an umbrella or drumstick), then a zoom-out so you can see all of them, with some text at the bottom saying “Friends of Daria.” What's up with that? Google gives me a whole bunch of nothing.

2. Where can I find a good offline CD cataloging program? You know: something that lets you feed in all of your CDs one at a time, then you can do a search and it will tell you what CD(s) contain the thing you are looking for. Preferably, it would be a native OS X app, but something that could be compiled for X Windows would be acceptable. Everything I have tried so far looks like a 12 year old wrote it in their parent's basement.

3. Why is it that “Cat's Cradle,” whether the book or the string, has come up no less than four times in the past week?

4. Why does the 20Q game think that a crucifix is either car keys or table salt?

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