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Today, we had the office Christmas party. In past companies, we have either skipped it altogether or had a rather nice fancy affair–the kind of thing where you need to dig out that tie you last wore to your interview. Today's party was at the bowling alley. My expectations for this were quite low, but I ended up having a grand ol' time. Sure, the guy with his arm in a cast and bowling left-handed beat me every game, but I had fun just playing and hanging out with people who work in the other building so I never get to talk to them. There was pizza and beer (Bud… blech!) and some sort of gift exchange lottery thing where you could steal gifts from people. Last, but not least, there was a pretty decent sized Christmas bonus check. Score!

All of the tarot stuff in Carnivàle makes me want to start using my deck a lot more. I am not sure what happened to my good book on tarot, but I have a mediocre one and one I have dubbed “the optimist tarot book” because it does not actually get into describing reversed cards. Does anyone have a recommendation for a truly stellar book I might want to take a look at?

P.S. It sounds like a CD Burning Man party is happening at my place on Saturday night. Bring some blank CDs. Bring some non-blank CDs, even. Bring some MP3s if you are feeling generous. My “big crate o' Apples To Apples” arrived today, so expect a couple of rounds of that. Oh, and I have Pastis, for those that like anise-based liquor. The liquor store on Hawthorne ROCKS! It is not quite as great as Hi-Time Wine Cellars, but does have an extensive selection (heck, they has Pastis and I did not have to special-order it or anything!)

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