Stop playing in the damn sandbox and do your half of the chores!

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I had a dream last night in which “W” was my roommate. The situation started out fairly indifferent, but quickly progressed into George neglecting to do things like dishes and laundry. I really do not remember too many of the details, but I think it progressed into even more inconsiderate, possibly hostile, acts. I woke up pretty steamin' mad.

The cats still have not knocked down the Christmas tree and seem to like the sugar water in the base much more than they like their little charcoal-filtered water fountain, the tub, and the sink.

During my lunch break, I went down to Toys-R-Us to get a cheezeball little item for the gift exchange taking place at work on Friday. I know that both Conrad and Jeremy had talked about that little 20Q gadget and they had some on sale, so I tried one out. After picking out something fairly common, but possibly too specific for it to guess (“a kitten”), I started it up. By the end, based on the questions I was being asked, I thought that either it had gone horribly wrong or I had accidentally answered a borderline question incorrectly, although I was surprised when it told me what I was thinking of. The hype around 20Q proclaims it uses some kind of neural networking, but I am going to hazard a guess that it is just a simple Expert system with a very large flowchart. From what I remember of artificial intelligence (…about ten years ago when I last studied it…), neural nets are suited for more generic pattern or signal recognition. I am sure that the field of AI has grown a bit since then–a time when it seemed highly artificial and not very intelligent.

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