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Entirely too many updates to remember…

  • Yummy, happy sushi with samiamrex at a place that had entirely too long a wait for a weekday, but was good.
  • Indian with feedle that was tasty, but it came with entirely too much beer.
  • Gave 2 weeks notice. CEO (who flipped out when someone called for references with regard to the real estate company–thinking it was a job reference) took everything quite calmly. The phone call, for which I prepared a long list of counterpoints for any argument he might have to stay at the company (he has done this before, apparently), lasted all of 60 seconds.
  • Financial guy came to visit the company today. For a week. He is doing one-on-one interviews with everyone in the company. I am reminded of the “interviewing for my own job” aspect of Office Space.
  • It turns out I do not need to write up my own job description. …not that they would be able to convince the guy holding the moneybags to hire someone new… …assuming the company is still around.
  • Fun night out with samiamrex, vegemitelover, feedle, Tiffany, Eric, Bill, and Sarah. Winding up in some random person’s garage with an elaborate Karaoke setup was a bit… unexpected and odd. I think one of the guys at that party works at the Apple Store, as I think I saw him there the following morning–but everyone was busy and he was helping customers, so I did not get the chance to find out for sure. Hopefully, pictures and videos of that event will be posted.
  • Wandering through the cemetery after dark. Spooky. And thrilling.
  • Using the L-word over the weekend and not having it end up weird or awkward
  • Probably a bunch of other things my sleepy little brain cannot think of right now. It is time for bed.
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