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Wow! What a past couple of days! At least, on the job front. You can skip the technical details in the next two paragraphs if you want.

There was a long-shot job I had applied for and brought in for an interview yesterday. During the interview process, I learned it was not as much of a long-shot as I thought. The job listing looked like a whole bunch of low-level firmware stuff for a router. The reality of it seemed to be more of a high-level user-space Linux microkernel thing as well as some GUI applications. It is all C and C++. The GUI stuff is all with the QT libraries. It is heavily Unix and cross-platform stuff. It seemed like there was a pretty good fit.

The interview today was for Bansfield, the pet hospital that is part of PetSmart. I was a little worried at first because they were looking for some hard-core J2EE and OO design. My J2EE is kind of light on EJB work (only having done those at Metapa), but strong in the other technologies. My OO design is a bit loose, and not as structured or formal as it could be. I discovered they are not as EJB-heavy (using other stuff for the database access), but very OO heavy. Still, it sounds like they not only liked me, but I am one of the few (only) candidates they were able to get with the proper skillset.

So, anyway, upon returning home, I find a message on the answering machine. The first job wants me to come back for a second interview on Tuesday. The interviewers I talked to today seemed to think they would extend me a verbal offer late today or tomorrow. Hopefully the Bansfield people take their time, as I would really like to do the Linux stuff (better fit and more along the lines of what I would like to see myself doing in the future), but am not sure how long I can delay things.

Also: Nike called me on Tuesday asking about bringing me in for an interview on Wed, Thurs, or Friday. I asked, “how about Monday?” This was followed by an explanation that I already have interviews lined up for the rest of the week and can only take so much time off of work. They guy said he would have to talk to the other people who would also be doing the interview and would call me back later in the day. I never got the callback. Whatever. I am not even entirely sure how I would feel about working for Nike. It is a big, stable company–but there is also that whole sweatshop thing, which is pretty uncool.

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