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Starting Sunday, my new address will be:
2343 SE Pine St
Portland, OR 97214
Photos are forthcoming.

Since I am moving from Verizon country to Qwest country, my phone number is changing. I am not entirely sure when the transition will happen, but am told that the new number will be active by 5pm on Thursday the 22nd. At any rate, the new number is 503-236-6143, which does not spell anything terribly interesting because of that pesky “1.” As always, my cellphone (949-378-0713) works.

Those helping out (BC! Eric!) should probably be here at 10:30-ish on Sunday so that I can get a ride to pick up the truck at 11. It should be just one load, so I can’t see it taking more than a couple of hours since everything but the bed and two desks is on the ground floor in cardboard boxes and everything but the bed will end up on the ground floor at the new house. As per tradition, beer and food of some sort (pizza and bread sticks?) will be provided. (BC: the cats will be locked away, so as to provide minimal allergy exposure–plus most everything is just inside the front door.)

For those that have not yet seen the new TMBG/Homestar video (I think everyone has), it is pretty cool and makes me like the new album slightly more.

Oh, and I have solid black hair now for the interviews tomorrow and the next day. Everyone cross your fingers!

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