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Good news: I signed the lease on that house this afternoon and got the keys. I can technically move in any time, but still need to get utilities (specifically: DSL) all switched over and stuff. I also need to get stuff ready to move and figure out a day when I can get a truck and help from people. Too many things to worry about right now. Presently, I am going to bask in the new-home-happy-thoughts for a couple of days before working out logistics. Yesterday was super-stress day, between stuff at work and trying to track down the right people to fax the right “yes, he really does work here and he really does have an income” paperwork to the background-check people.

I just realized that I forgot to write in here about the last day of the Blues Festival. It was great, with one exception. First off, I finally went to G.I. Joe's and got some super-lightweight folding camp chairs that are easily totable. Those were good for the festival and are bound to be useful for future events. The music was good. The beer was…mmmm..well.. okay. I actually DID do the “Pepsi challenge” between the MGD and the Weinhearts. Except that the MGD had a slightly more bitter tinge, they both tasted exactly the same. Now, the not-so-great part: the final act was Jonny Lang. A ton of people were waiting for him with great anticipation. I thought, “wow! Cool! Big blues guy I get to hear!” He came on stage and started playing. I started too feel like I was trapped in the film Ghost World. “Oh, you like blues? You have to check out Blues Hammer! They're the best!” I guess I just do not like “electric blues” or whatever the style is called. It was too rock-y. I guess I am more of a blues traditionalist. Oh, the things you learn at these events.

In other news, Eric's landlord looks, acts, and talks just like the mom in Six Feet Under.

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