Paper, Food, Food, and Food

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  • The rainy-day paper activity of doing more work on the clock. Folding gears with lots of tiny teeth really sucks.
  • A healthy Japanese dinner at Mio Sushi
  • After the tasty and healthy meal, smugly watching Super Size Me at the Fox Theater. I did not realize that his girlfriend is a vegan chef. Ouch.
  • Not-so smugly eating a glazed donut the size of my head from Voodoo Doughnut (“the magic is in the hole!”). It was a simple, albeit 5x-sized, glazed donut. I was not really feeling adventurous enough for the one with the Cap’n Crunch, the one with the pretzels, any of the ones with marshmallows, or the one with the Pixy Stix powder. If I was stuck working in a donut shop, these are the kinds of donuts I would make.
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