“They got! The muuuuusstaaaaaard! Ouuuuuuuut! They got the mustard out!”

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I could not resist and had to start watching the new DVD season of Buffy a bit early. It started out a bit dark, but I can see that as being a bit unavoidable with that whole “she died in the previous season” thing. The musical episode kicks some serious butt (I had to buy the soundtrack from iTunes). I find the trio of geeks rather sad, pathetic, and annoying. I am not sure if this is what the writers intended, considering the Jonathan character in previous seasons was confused and misunderstood, but still a basically likable guy. (Although, their brief Python reference was really nice and unexpected.) In a somewhat related note, nobody online seems to have the soundtrack for The Music Man for purchase or “borrowing.”

I hopped onto the bandwagon earlier this week and signed up for Match.com. When I first started the signup process, I did not realize that there would be a barrage of psychological tests, or whatever those were. An hour later, I finally finished the process (and now know the scientific name for the type of facial structure I tend to prefer). There were a great many initial stumbles with signup and usage. They had a hard time communicating that I was not allowed to have “Brian” in any part of my nickname. Next, they somehow “lost” my pictures, or at least got them in a state where one place said they were approved and another said they were still pending. One of their programmers eventually tweaked a setting in a database after a few days (I blame Microsoft, Dot Net, and ASPX). I still have not resolved my problem with line breaks–none of the text I type in seems to “remember” the line breaks, making paragraphs absolutely impossible. At any rate, I am not sure what I think of the whole thing yet. Normalizing people to stats then matching against them seems a bit impersonal. Reading through profiles seems a bit too voyeuristic, considering the extent of everything they want to know to fill out the dossier. This morning, I sent out an email to the most beauteous princess in all the kingdom and I guess I will see if I get ignored, rejected, or otherwise.

Gak! It looks like it is starting to rain. All morning, the weather has been right between comfortable and uncomfortable for trekking through the park. If these sprinkles get any worse, that plan is shot. Maybe I will start up work on the paper clock project again. I set that down a few months back and never got a chance to return to it (mostly because I am afraid the cats will destroy it). I am slowly learning Illustrator (and its ability to export to PDF) so that I can repeatably make cool stuff out of paper instead of little one-off projects.

12 days until the new Harry Potter movie! Yeay!

The last episode of Friends was on a week or two ago. Am I the only person in the country that has never watched a single episode of that show?

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