An ordered list that probably does not need to be ordered

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1) I dropped a raw egg on the floor. In the process of trying to clean it up, I got egg snot all over the kitchen. I am trying Einstein’s “boil an egg while you boil the soup” trick (…or pasta in this case), which may or may not actually be attributed to Einstein.

2) Last night, The Precious horked up a big ol’ mess of multicolor puke. A cat is not supposed to be spewing red, white, and blue, right? Well, it was mostly white and yellow with some blue, green, and pink in there, too. I only later discovered that (a) she has a sweet tooth and (b) she climbed up on the stove and ate a lot of cupcake frosting and a little bit of a cupcake. (Lemon cupcake, white “rainbow” frosting.)

3) I finished work this evening to discover several trash cans had been ransacked. There were shredded bits of cupcake wrapper everywhere.

4) Doing all of your MPEG-2 transcoding beforehand with Apple’s compressor makes DVD Studio Pro super fast to use as well as super fast to burn, since it only has to build your menus and mux your audio. The quality also kicks some major ass. It also takes between 9 and 32 hours. And if you get the wrong setting (which you can’t easily know beforehand because the “science” of video compression is chicken bone voodoo), your file is too big and will not fit on a disc, so you have to wait another 9 to 32 hours to try again with a different average and maximum bitrate.

5) I’m sorry. Lots of people seem to know it, but I am afraid I have no idea what The Chicken Fat song is, other than The Music Man sings it.

6) I got a song from iTunes the other day, “Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space.” It is actually a pretty nifty song (but after sampling the rest of the album, I bought it a la carte). It did remind me of something, though. I was not sure what. Finally, it hit me. The tune is basically Pachelbel’s Canon with a slightly different tempo and words.

7) Sometimes I miss the out of tune upright piano at my parent’s house.

8) I am downloading music from a man(?) named CattleHumper. Damn you, Apple, and your partial albums in the iTunes Music Store! You make buying music so easy that you push me to piracy when you don’t have the rest of what I want! I need my fix, dammit!

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