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So, here's the deal. I have been entertaining the idea of buying a house at some point in the future. By “entertaining the thought,” I mean “thought about it and said, wouldn't that be cool?” They are always saying “the future is now” (except for the bits of the future that are still in the future and not now), so I need to start putting some real thought and planning into this. I'm almost 30, and it would be really great to be 60 and have the ability to point at a building and say “MINE!” Really, I am pissing away $1k/month, and getting what out of it? That's right! Nothing!

I am not sure what goes into buying a house, and am not really sure where to start, other than asking around and picking up random books about it at the library or bookstore.

I know there is the issue of finding a house (or finding somebody to find a house). I know there are financial issues: the price, down payments, mortgage payments, etc. There are some “hidden” things I can think of that are not directly part of the actual house purchase, but go along with it: homeowners insurance, property taxes, etc. I am also sure there are some “hidden” things that I have not thought of.

Does anyone have advise or pointers to resources (books, websites) that they can pass my way? Feel free to post here or send a private email to brian at netninja dot com.

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