“Streetcar vehicles will carry a sardine load of up to 150 passengers”

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It would seem that we have a pretty kickass streetcar system. In fact, it is supposed to be the only newly installed streetcar systems in something like 30 years. (I guess there was an old system that got torn out in the 50's that this replaces.) The cars are nice and new and made in the Czech Republic. They are also really quiet and make cool electric engine noises. Another nifty thing about them is that for a big chunk of downtown, they're free to ride. Even in the non-free part, you're pretty much on the honor system. While I tend to feel guilty enough to pay, most people tonight just ignored the little ticket machines. They also keep track of streetcar locations by GPS, and a number of the stops will give you estimated arrival times. (I did not know this, so did not know to look for the readouts, but will look next time).

Anyway, Feedle and I went to see Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festival. It wasn't as high-energy as a weekend midnight showing, but that's okay. They said there were a lot of classics and only a few new shorts this time…I guess it has been a while since I had last seen it–in fact, I think it was in the old Newport theater that got torn down and replaced with a Borders about 5…6…7… years ago? In fact, I had only seen three of the couple-dozen shorts, not counting Billy's Balloon (which I had previously seen on DVD, not at the theater). We found a really tasty Japanese restaurant a block up and had some really good food and the requisite pre-Spike & Mike alcohol (hey, just like high school!) My memory is fading and sleep is starting to kick in, but some of the better shorts included: Dr. Tran, Ninjews, Beyond Grandpa, Mr. Grenade, and Billy and Sally's Big Abandoned Refrigerator Adventure (told in a rhyming Dr. Seuss style). I even have a pair of 3D glasses now for the three seconds of 3D animation they had.

So, what is it about walking around chilly big-city streets after dark that requires a cigarette? I had my first cigarette since California-stressiness this evening because of this particular psychological phenomena. Feedle was aware of this behavior, too — had been through it before and even picked up a pack of Nat Sherman's tonight. In fact, I smoked like a chimney while I was out and about when I lived in Boston, but never at home.

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