Look, Ma! No Wires!

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Last night's dream, which is quickly shaping up to be a recurring thing: somehow I had managed to get three pushpins stuck into the bottom of my foot. One of them came out whole, the other two, the little plastic heads were not quite attached, so attempting to pull them out simply removed the head. I had to grab ahold of the remaining metal part and pull them out by that. I noted in last night's dream that there were already three little holes in the bottom of my foot from the previous night's dream. I sure hope I don't have to do this again tonight.

Tonight was kind of nifty at the Personal Telco Project meeting. It was at a coffee shop up in NE Portland that was rather large and outfitted with free wireless (specifically, Node 171 in the network). The PTP is huge up here. Intel did a study of the least wired (a.k.a. most wireless) city, and everyone, including PTP, was a little surprised at the results. The room had maybe 30 or 40 people, most with laptops. The computers were pretty evenly split between Mac and Intel-compatible machines, and the Intel machines were pretty evenly split between Windows and some form of Linux. A few of the faces looked vaguely familiar, as if I had seen them around DefCon or some such thing.

Today has been pretty tiring for no apparent reason. I'm going to bed in a bit…

P.S. the web-by-email tool I was looking for the other day turns out to be any number of sites hosting software like www4mail.

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