“You may not know this Fred, but certain friends and coworkers have been known to accuse me of being the quiet, stay at home, sulky one.”

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I was commenting to someone that you can post to LiveJournal via email. This reminded me of some wacky mechanism of requesting pages via email I heard about many years ago. Basically, you send an email to a particular address with a URL in a particular place, and this system requests the page and emails it back to you. Similar to Mendel's problem the other day, doing a Google search for terms like “web” and “email” ends up being fairly useless.

Angel continues to kick some serious ass, except when innocent little Connor was taken away, it made me think of Pants and brought a tear to my eye. In other news, The Precious and Ebenezer have finally started to cuddle with one another. It is kind of cute. Well, cute, except for when I go to scratch Ebenezer on the head and discover his ears are completely soaked. When The Precious gives a kitty bath, she really does not know when to stop.

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