You lazy sack of bones!

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I found a garbage bag full of bones today.

It was discarded by the side of a backwaters road, amongst a tire, some old vacuum cleaners, some rusty propane bottles, and a rusty saw blade. My comment at the time was: “I'm pretty certain those weren't human bones in that garbage bag. The vertebrae were too small. [thoughtful pause] …unless it was from a child.”

Feedle and I managed to NOT find the very first geocache ever placed, but did find a number of others. There were a great many people burning trash in the backwaters areas of Clackamas. Also, I had lunch at a Taco Time, which is sort of like the watered down Del Taco of the Great Wet North. It seems “Mexifries” is another term for tater tots and “original crisp burrito” is another term for single “bigass taquito.”

My boots and pants are covered in mud.

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