Who wants to give me VC for an amazing post-dot-com money making idea???

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Somebody needs to invent aerosol frosting–like frosting that comes from a spraypaint can. That way, instead of hand printing each letter, you can go to the hardware store, get a set of stencils, and spray your message upon baked goods. Of course, your creations would have a “REQUISITION 24 UNITS OF ITEM 28/B (CAKE, SINGLE SERVING, IN CUP)” military feel to them because of the typical stencil font. Come to think of it, you would also have cakes with a street-tagger feel, too. We could open up the frosting delivery mechanisms to include airbrushes and then you could have some pretty cool 70's cakes, too–with Catholic iconography, unicorns, rainbows, mushrooms, and band logos all over your pastries. Now, if only we had dough that could hold its shape like clay, we could get vegemitelover in on the action, too. He could throw some clay…errr…dough, it could get baked in the oven, and you would have a little urn made of sweet cake that you could airbrush any way you wanted. We could open a chain of “paint your own pastry” stores and make millions!

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