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One of the cool things about Oregon is that things get rather surreal when you least expect them to. The surreality fields seem to be strongest around supermarkets. Last week, there was the angel pushing a train of shopping carts across the parking lot in the rain. Today, we decided to go to the market (not the same one as the angel incident), and there were goats. There were four goats at the supermarket. And a turkey. And chickens. You could pet and feed the goats (we didn't because I was afraid they would eat Kate's shopping list). I had forgotten how strange and other-worldly turkey “gobble” noises are–at first I thought it was the scream from a child, or maybe a goat reacting to being hurt by a child. Oh, and did I mention the giant pumpkin. If you correctly guessed its weight (which ended up being 157 lbs.), you could take it home. They will help you carry it out to the car, but once there, you are on your own. I am not sure what one does with a 157 pound pumpkin. Perhaps sit in it or hook it up to suspenders and wear it like a barrel like in the old cartoons.

The other supermarket that we go to a lot (the one with the rainy-day angel sighting) has a sidewalk full of pumpkins out front. Piles and piles of more pumpkins than I have ever seen before–I would guess about three to four hundred, of all shapes and sizes. On sunny days, they end up cooking a little under the sun, and give off this yummy pumpkin smell that can carry in the wind for about a block and smells like a pie baking in the oven.

I have decided that when I grow up, I want to be a genetic engineer so I can make poblano mushrooms.

There were GOATS and a gigantic TURKEY at the SUPERMARKET! I think I need to go sit down now.

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