Guinness–it’s not just for breakfast!

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Passed on from substitute is an article about just another day in uptight planned-development Irvine: disgruntled ex-supermarket employee kills shoppers with sword. Too cool! Yet kind of scary…

Today, I made Welsh Rabbit. It turned out pretty well, considering I used too much Tabasco and did not have the complete half-pound of cheese that was required for the two servings. So far, this is the second recipe I have tried that uses beer as an ingredient (the first being beer bread). It ended up being very tasty, waaayyyyyy more filling than I thought it would be, and very much English-pub-food. Plus, it has the added bonus of being vegetarian and super-cheesy. Yumm!

While I am fine with using beer as an ingredient, I will have to draw the line at potato chips. Potato chips are a snack. Using them as an ingredient just crosses too far into white-trash territory for me.

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