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I have not posted to LiveJournal in a while. Ordinarily, this would be nothing to write home about, but in this particular instance, the reason is a little important. You see, Kate and I had an addition to our family several days ago. Or maybe *I* had an addition to our family. Our home had a new arrival. It is sometimes known as “the cookie sheet.” It is 17 inches of pure pleasure and fun (but it does not vibrate). Some would consider it a phallic symbol in the same way an SUV is. It is my new laptop, Fibonacci (keeping in line with the naming scheme of the rest of my systems–mathematicians and physicists).

First impressions:
– It kicks ass
– The screen is HUUUUUUUUGE
– Having keys that light up in the dark is a cool concept, but so far completely underutilized
The new Matrix trailer kicks some major ass
– Watching DVDs in the correct aspect ratio is nifty
– With a body this big, the keyboard–a standard full size Apple keyboard–appears microscopic
– It is really funny to run VirtualPC in full screen, extra-wide, mode because people start to say, “Hey, that's that new Apple Ma–wait. Is that running Windows?”
– Not having a right mouse button really doesn't matter if the programs are designed well
– In the Taco Bell dog voice: I theeeeenk I neeeed a beeeeeeeeger baaaaag. My gigantic laptop backpack now seems small, and very dangerously won't close.
– MMMMmmmmmm…. Unixy goodness
– I thought I would hate the Apple mail application, but it is actually quite cool. The PGPMail plugin works even better than the PGPPine plugin I was using. Checking and sending mail can be quite secure, if you have your mail server set up properly.
– I can do all my work on here because the Java and C support is rather nifty

I think I may have to update my user icon to reflect the laptop change.

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