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It is always invigorating to arrive at work with an inbox full of “well, it has been great working with all of you, but I am now officially unemployed.” It just kind of gives you an energetic shot of….apathy… Maybe I will be able to concentrate on writing code to help save the dying company and maybe I will just sit here and work on a few side projects. That seems to be the sentiment of all of the developers, and likely the rest of the company as well. Unfortunately, most of my side-projects are native Mac code, so they will be a little difficult to work on here (although I can work on some of the back-end stuff that is more data-centric rather than graphics-centric). I got my paycheck stub today, and my bank account properly received the correct dollar amount in an auto-deposit last night, and I contribute a lot to the company — so I am not overly worried about myself at present. I am just put off by the general lack of morale around here (not that I have been doing anything to make it better). Plus, there is that fear that if I am in the last round of layoffs (I am important enough to keep around until the life support get unplugged), then maybe there will not be enough $monkey$ for severance and all that mumbo jumbo. That would make me most unhappy. “I'm sorry. The fucktards we laid off last month got a full two weeks of severance plus vacation, but since you're more important than them, here's a shiny certificate of appreciation and a dime. Here's your accumulated vacation pay, too. We have to give you that because the law says so, but if it were up to us, we would have kept it as profit.”

Today is going to be a long day. The software release will not be on schedule.

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