Nobody Knows The Words To Bonanza

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Dear Dairy [sic],
I had a conversation with Citizen X today about cheese. It seems, on LiveJournal, more people like cheese than: women, men, the internet, sports, the Beatles, goth, fun, kittens, monkeys, Nine Inch Nails, and God. Of course, this is very likely because one of their examples when you are editing your interests is cheese. My cheese this evening has failed me. I (or rather, Meta_Kate) entered the code on the cheese label into their web page and we did not win the trip to Dublin, Irish pottery, cheese, or baseball caps.

Today, I got to see the death of a Sea-Monkey. I watched it as it slowly swam to the bottom of the tank. It the just kind of sat there and moved its little wing-like legs a bit, but the gradually slowed to a halt and the Sea-Monkey stopped moving entirely. I then tried to make the connection between the Sea-Monkey and the company for which I work–the slowly dying Sea-Monkey and the slowly dying company. The analogy was a little too close to reality, so was quickly dismissed. Nobody got their paycheck stubs today, so we are now wondering if it is taking extra time because they have to calculate vacation payouts or something…. 🙁

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