Garlic Farts

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Today, I fart the farts of much garlic. Yes, Meta_Kate and I made our own pizza last night, and I got a little carried away chopping garlic. Now, my coworkers and I pay the price.

As I look out the window, I see a gold-colored PT Cruiser with the license place “MY PT DRM” pull into the parking lot. The driver has a hard time angling into the spacious, easily accessible parking spot. One of the tires is a spare.

We just got back from the nifty new ramen place. They gave us a flier for some festival there this Sunday–free food, free drinks, bands, raffle tickets, etc. I am not sure how that is going to work, considering the maximum occupancy is 56 and the place can realistically hold about 20 to 25 people. On the way home, we stopped by a Japanese market. Ken got these little cheeseburger candies–basically two little cookies, each about as big around as a quarter and shaped like hamburger buns (complete with fake sesamie seeds). Between these are slabs of dark and light chocolate, which simulate the hamburger and cheese slice. Pretty nifty! I picked up some Teriyaki Nori–basically little sheets of dried seaweed with different flavorings: teriyaki, soy, sea salt, sweet sake, and MSG. Tasty stuff. This is the 80 pack, but I have been munching on them like crazy–I sure hope there are enough left to take a few home to share with Meta_Kate. BC got the giant bucket of 500 (a big plastic barrel, about the same size as the ones that commonly hold pretzels from bulk stores).

Oh well, that's enough for now. Back to munching on the MSG–I mean seaweed.

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