Moving and Cleaning

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My gas mask is a little different — Israeli style with the filter directly in front, so it makes you look like a scary-nosed alien thing.

What Kind of Goth Are You?

This dark quiz was made by Xenianth!

I helped Odradak help his mom move last night. Things went okay, but probably would have been a bit more smooth had she known about and followed the two rules of moving that friendly_bandit instilled upon me years ago (before two different 3,000 mile moves). (1) Ensure all the boxes are packed and ready to go before people get there to help. (2) Use boxes from the U-Haul place and not just any ol' boxes you have around–otherwise you end up with a box large enough to place a body (if you sever all the limbs first) densely packed with heavy books and the Tetris game of stacking boxes really does not work quite right. (Odradak: I am not trying to be bitchy or mad or nasty or anything, but just passing along advice that Mr. Bandit gave me when I moved with a similar arrangement.)

Today is probably going to be cleaning the house day. Half of it was pretty clean a few weekends ago, but it ended up getting messed up again and have not had the time to clean things.

Anyone want to help dispose/transport/whatever this couch I have in the back yard and stove in the garage (WHY the F do I have an extra STOVE in the garage??!! Ask Jessica The Sponge.) elsewhere…the curb…goodwill…the dump…over the side of the Newport Ave overpass down onto passing cars on Pacific Coast Highway?

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