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Targeted Project Status Report

Peek-a-Booty: Successful tests. This little “surf what you want at work or behind the great firewall of China” proxy kicks some major ass. It is a little difficult for the average user to set up, though.

Gnutella/Gnucleus/Phex: I got my Gnutella stuff working marginally better with a tweaked firewall rule (actually a port-forward through the firewall). Gnutella still sucks leperous goat testicles, though.

ProjectM“: worked on base utility routines–they are nearly complete; still need to start client and server code

Washer/dryer: walked away from wall, pulled drain hose from wall drain. I mopped the kitchen.

Beanbag Loveseat: picking it up at lunch with vegemitelover tomorrow.

Legos: Got plastic Tupperware-type drawer unit to hold all my Legos, so they are not in ratty cardboard boxes in various rooms around the house.

Harry Potter 4 Audiobook: Still missing part 7, downloaded a few new parts, up to part 16 now.

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