too many DVDs

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Does anyone know what constitutes “too many DVDs?” Is that threshold above or below three hundred twenty?

Today consisted of organizing the DVDs, singlehandedly dragging the old sofa into the backyard (to either carry out to the curb on trash day or, if Kate will let me, smash it to bits with a crowbar), going from futon store to futon store trying to find a good, cheap beanbag sofa, and assembling Kate’s bookshelves.

The beanbag mission was a success. A black beanbag loveseat will be ready for us tomorrow. The bookshelf task was also a success. Kate’s bookshelves, combined with my five, and the two floor-to-ceiling CD racks, now really looks like a library. There is barely any non-bookshelf-covered wallspace. If you add a brass railing around the ceiling and a wooded ladder with brass steps and wheels to slide around the room, this place will really start to look like a library!

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