Cereal and half-and-half

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Okay, so I worked it all in my head out this morning on the way to work. If I ever become homeless and penniless, there is still a way to eat breakfast–not that I eat breakfast now, but…

All I need to do is go to the grocery store and steal a box or two of single-serving cereal. You know? The kind that comes in little boxes slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes?

Take the box and make an autopsy-style Y-incision into the side, creating a little cardboard and wax-paper bowl you can eat from.

Take this to your local coffee shop. Most coffee shops have free containers of nonfat or half-and-half. Pour some half-and-half (or nonfat, if you are really desperate) into the box and eat away. You might even find some free plastic spoons there or something.

Well…on second thought….

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