An errant .jar file can steal hours of sanity

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As it turns out, the übercoffeemaker does not work so well when you put the whole beans in the one side, but forget to put the water in the other. Fortunately, Mister Safety Thermostat kicks in and shuts it down so the house does not burn down. Unfortunately, Mister Me wakes up very sleepy and grumpy about the stone-dry carafe.

I find it very funny that some friends and I used to joke about a website offering Russian amputee mail-order brides (that is not the site, but it is probably about the same) and now a Russian amputee bride was mentioned on The Sopranos.

I am officially an ambassador of Maker’s Mark. What does this mean? They sent me this thing like a press kit and a free shot-glass. Big whoop. Or something.

How long has it been since you last confessed?. Where do I get those cross-top communal wafers? I could snack on them at work, dip them in wine at clubs and bars, feed them to birds, and have a grand ol’ time. That, and holy water. Where do I get a canteen full o’ that? Heck, can someone bless my pipes so I can always shower in it and pee into it?

…downloading Redhat right now. Anyone know of a “Debian survivor’s guide to Redhat?” I used to know Redhat, then switched to Debian, got used to apt-get and all the little bits of niftiness with Debian, now need to figure out how to do that kind of auto-update stuff with Redhat. Yeah, yeah. I would rather be using Debian, but this is a work thing.

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