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Last night, I was able to prove that both Meta_Kate and I are pretty decent cooks. While not even close to being on par with master chefs such as Substitute or Pr0k, we can hold our own in the kitchen. Admittedly, pizza (even from scratch, including dough), various pasta dishes, and random Mexican dishes are not gourmet meals, but they are a little more complex than “add water and microwave on high for 4 minutes.” I’d really like to make some Cajun food pretty soon (RED BEANS AND RICE!), but that takes a few hours to completely do. Maybe some veggie jambalaya or something. I wonder if that is in the new mondo-size vegetarian cookbook we just got…

So, I’m watching the movie Phantasm. There is a scene in there that either is a ripoff from Dune, or vice-versa. Kid places hand in box. Box really hurts. “Don’t fear, Michael. It was simple reflection. Fear is the killer. Grandmother wants you to learn. It was all in your mind.” I’m rather distracted by all the 70’s clothing and hair, though. Also, midgets are not as funny when they are supernatural beings, dressed as Jawas, and running around mortuaries and cemeteries, trying to scare the bajeezus out of you.

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