Please take warn­ing: this post will con­sist almost entirely of other people’s con­tent and links to that con­tent. I picked up the PDF ver­sion of iPhone Open Application Development from O’Reilly today. I’ve only skimmed through it, but it looks like a pretty good overview of design­ing, writ­ing, and imple­ment­ing iPhone appli­ca­tions using the cur­rent Open … Continue read­ing Links

Macworld Predictions

Macworld is around the cor­ner, and that always means new prod­ucts will be announced and pun­dits are try­ing to pre­dict them before they’re out, based on the tiny bit of infor­ma­tion that has trick­led out of Apple. Here are my pre­dic­tions: * The iPhone devel­op­ment kit. This is a no-brainer. I pre­dict that this will be open … Continue read­ing Macworld Predictions