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I picked up the PDF version of iPhone Open Application Development from O’Reilly today. I’ve only skimmed through it, but it looks like a pretty good overview of designing, writing, and implementing iPhone applications using the current Open Source toolchain. No doubt, large amounts of it will become obsolete when Apple releases the official SDK, but the APIs should at least remain the same.

Land of the Lost was cooler than LOST. I remember those Sleestaks being scary mo-fos.

Merlin Mann has a list of Five subtle changes in the event that Microsoft acquires Yahoo! at 5ives which I will reprint in their entirety (and without permission, I might add):

1. your photos are still your own (although human faces are now obscured by selected partner company logos)
2. owing to unavoidable data corruption, all events must be reinstalled monthly
3. following upgrade to Vista, clicking links now requires 1 GB of RAM and 40 GB drive space (per link)
4. Jerry Yang now compelled to “do that funny MC Hammer danceā€ whenever Ballmer’s meds start wearing off
5. folksy motto tweaked to “If You Ever Want to See That Pretty Family of Yours Again, You Damned Straight Better F—ing Yahoo!”

The Flickr thing is actually a pretty good point. I remember when Flickr and Yahoo merged and there was a lot of yelling and screaming about it. They made you get/merge Yahoo accounts and imposed harsher limits on the free accounts. It makes me wonder if Microsoft is going to revive Passport or MSN or force Yahoo to start using their MS Live accounts or something.


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