Star Treking across the J.J.-verse

I saw Star Trek over the week­end. I thought it was a fun, refresh­ing “reboot” of the Trek fran­chise. I could get into what I liked and dis­liked about the movie and its plot, but I’m not a movie review blog, I’d be hard pressed to talk about that with­out spoil­ers, and there are plenty of other web­sites to go for that.

What I do want to talk about is the J.J. Abrams uni­verse, and how it kept pop­ping up in Star Trek. There were a lot of visual and story ele­ments that, to me, were highly rem­i­nis­cent of other J.J. Abrams prop­er­ties. Let’s inves­ti­ga­tion:

First and most obvi­ous was the “red mat­ter” sphere. This was highly sim­i­lar to the float­ing red liq­uid sphere of that Ramboldi device in Alias. Something in-between the table­top ver­sion (pic­tured below) and the warehouse-sized one.


The red mat­ter, of course, led to time travel, which brings us to Lost. In Lost we have, pre­sum­ably, “what­ever hap­pened, hap­pened.” There is no chang­ing events. Star Trek seems to take the oppo­site the­ory. I couldn’t find a good visual ele­ment that strongly tied the two sto­ries, so this might be the weak­est con­nec­tion.

Next up is the crea­ture on the ice planet. Remember the Cloverfield mon­ster? You didn’t get to see much of it in the film, but it was cer­tainly all about a big mouth with gnashy teeth, long spindly legs, and joints that seemed per­haps a lit­tle back­ward. Although the mouth was a bit dif­fer­ent in the Star Trek crea­ture, the whole basic body­type and design was that of the Cloverfield mon­ster.


Finally, we have the clos­ing title sequence: 3D words that just sort of hung in space. Although we could match them up with the Lost title sequence, I think they bet­ter match the loca­tion sub­ti­tles on Fringe: 3D words that just sort of hang there as the cam­era moves around.


Did I miss any­thing? Are there stronger con­nec­tions than the ones I made? Do you dis­agree with any of this?

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3 thoughts on “Star Treking across the J.J.-verse”

  1. There was also a Slusho at one point, I think pos­si­bly some­one ordered one in the begin­ning scene with Kirk in the bar. I’m only famil­iar with Slusho because of the Cloverfield ARG-like thing, but I think it appeared in Alias at some point. I got all excited in the the­ater (Slusho!) but then absolutely no one else cared. Lame, fel­low view­ers.

    Also, I read your posts through the LJ RSS feed, and I read Neil Gaiman’s blog the same way. He posts more often, and the tops of your posts are for­mat­ted the same way because of the RSS feed, plus the tone tends to be sim­i­lar, so I keep read­ing your posts think­ing that they’re writ­ten by Gaiman. This hap­pens ALL THE TIME. I went through this entire post think­ing it was Gaiman, and then I got to the end and saw no one had com­mented and was totally baf­fled by how it was pos­si­ble that no one had men­tioned Slusho. Then I clicked through and saw that it was your site, but, man, THIS KEEPS HAPPENING. I think you need an “I AM NOT NEIL GAIMAN” dis­claimer at the top of every post.

    1. yep, Slusho def­i­nitely... The red sphere isn’t actu­ally an Abrams thing, it’s Scott Chamblis’ “thing”, IIRC. Read that either in a movie mag­a­zine or on sci­fis­coop, can’t remem­ber. Maybe it’s a JJ/Scott thing.
      But yep, great movie :)

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