Drink Tally: Micro Edition

My previous blog post was about a Drink Tally that affixes to the front-face of my home bar. That’s great, but very specific to my setup. I reworked it into a second design that fits in a small space on a countertop.

The concept is the same: using two coins, two people can track their drink intake over the evening.

The design was only slightly more complex, needing me to figure out the cross section of each layer. It felt a bit like I was pretending to be the “slicer” program of a 3D printer, or doing some really coarse integral calculus. (Yes, I realize I could have made all the slots the same length and it would work exactly the same, but that felt like the cheap and lazy route.)

As always, the design files are free. Red lines are interior cuts that should happen first. Green lines are score lines. Solid black is etching. Blue are the final exterior cuts. Use some 3mm screws to hold the layers together. I also use rubber feet and lock-nuts in my assembly.

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