A minor Soylent update

In my last blog post, I talked about my experiments with Soylent. I’ve updated that blog post with a few minor corrections.

Although my research showed me the correct scoop size for making single-servings of Soylent, it failed to reveal that the single-serving size is only about half a meal, calorie-wise:

Snack vs meal
Snack vs meal

The official scoop, which came with my first official order, clears things up:

An actual scoop
An actual scoop

I’m now making 2 scoops of Soylent to about 5 of water. Plus vanilla extract.

In addition, thanks to the suggestion of a friend (thanks, @rejennarate!), I picked up a shaker bottle for home and work to more easily make single-servings.

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  1. Hey, thanks for posting about this! I had never heard of this stuff before, and am now cautiously interested. I’m still thinking it over and doing research, but if I end up trying it and liking it a lot I’ll have you to thank for introducing me. 😀

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