LJProxy: From friend-locked LiveJournal posts to Google Reader

I have been on Live­Jour­nal since 2001.  I have had a Per­ma­nent Account since 2005.  Many of my friends have used it for sim­i­lar amounts of time.  In the past few years, I have migrated my post­ing and read­ing off of Live­Jour­nal.  I do most of my blog read­ing through Google Reader, but still have a num­ber of peo­ple I want to follow­ on LiveJour­nal.  They often post friends-only entries that are not acces­si­ble from within Google Reader (really, from nowhere outside of LiveJournal).  What I really want is a way to get each of my Live­Jour­nal friend groups as a feed that con­tains both pub­lic and pro­tected entries.  This is what LJProxy was designed to do.

LJProxy is a PHP-based web application that you run on your own server.  Server requirements are light (look at the project page for details) and installation is easy.  This server acts as a proxy between LiveJournal and Google Reader.

I threw this together over the weekend and have run it long enough now that I feel confident that it at least does not have any egregious bugs, so am releasing it as a GPL’ed Open Source project.

Exact details, installation, theory,security concerns, and downloads are on the project page at https://netninja.com/projects/ljproxy/

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