My ascension into nerdvana

Everybody knows that pocket protectors are for nerds, right? In fact, everybody knows that pocket protectors are a symbol of nerdiness. They go hand-in-hand, like awkward clothing, taped glasses, and slide rules graphing calculators.

In the past, I have jokingly half-looked around for a pocket protector of my very own. It turns out this is more difficult than expected. I am sure they are available for special order in a variety of places, but as I said, I only half-looked. Both Office Depot and Staples seemed to think they used to carry them, but no longer keep them in stock. Some time last year, I just sort of gave up. I did not want to put forth the effort of special-ordering one from someplace on the effort — it just did not seem worth it for what is effectively a joke item.

Then! A few weeks ago, as I was ordering some notebook supplies (paper, not computer) from Levenger, I found the perfect pocket protector. Not only was it in a style perfect for me, it was on sale (possibly even on clearance… I can’t imagine there is much demand for this sort of thing, go figure!) The practical upshot of this is that I was very quickly the proud owner of a leather pocket protector. The leather and plaid lining are actually of a style that matches my messenger bag, wallet, a 3×5 index card holder I use, and a big 8.5×11 notebook. There is even a little pocket on the back for holding 3×5 cards.

IMG_5576 IMG_5579

So what started out as a joke has ended up being a cool new accessory!

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3 thoughts on “My ascension into nerdvana”

    1. Yep — I keep checking back every so often because I’d love to get a second one to keep in my bag. I even wrote them to ask if they’d reintroduce it or if they had some hidden in a back room somewhere, and they pointed me to a roll-up pen holder, which really isn’t the same.

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