The banshee outside the window

Last night I had a dream that was bizarre, vivid, and a little bit threatening. Everything started out fine. I was having what you might describe as an “action movie dream.” There was running around, shooting at things, figuring things out, saving the world — all the sorts of generic things you expect from every single summer-popcorn action movie out there. I get these every so often and they are usually quite forgettable dreams.

At some point, right in the middle of the action, it felt like someone abruptly changed channels. One second, I was in the middle of shooting at “bad guys” through the walls of a house, using a fully automatic assault weapon (and making swiss cheese of the walls in the process.) The next second, I was sitting on the floor of the living room in my usual spot, against the La-z-boy. I think I probably had the laptop out. Kim was reclining on the sofa, reading a book. It felt like mid-day, as it was still quite bright outside. At our house, out our front window, is a big bushy tree with pink flowers and a “shepherd’s crook” thing holding a bird feeder (as sort of seen in this picture.)

When I glanced up toward the window, outside I saw a gray floating disembodied head. It was facing away, slowly floating up and down, sort of nuzzling against the tree. What little patches of hair present were similarly gray, stringy, and about shoulder length (had there been shoulders.) I am not sure how, but I could tell it was female. Leaning over toward Kim, I silently got her attention and pointed out the horrid dead thing rubbing against our tree. This was about the same time it slowly rotated around to look in the window with its sunken eyes. It was one of the most scary images I had seen in a long, long time.

At this point, I woke up and glanced at the clock. 4:30-ish. I was not crying, exactly, but there was certainly water in my eyes. I remember, at the time, thinking it was a banshee. In retrospect, I am not entirely sure why I thought that. Banshees wail and moan, whereas this disembodied female head was deathly silent and just plain creepy.

Part of me wants to blame this on rich food. I had a pork chop last night for the first time in a year or two. Part of me wonders if this holds a deeper message with ominous significance.

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  1. My mother always exhibited highly intuitive or psychic abilities. She predicted the death of her grandmother by observing her floating disembodied head outside here window as a child….might be a premonition of sorts.

    hope not though…

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